To Spy or Not to Spy

To Spy or Not to Spy

dating and relationshipsby Marilyn C.
(Laurel, MD)

We had been going out for 11 fun filled months. Oddly enough I was the only one who was sharing much of my life with him. Supposedly he had a male roommate who was a family friend and reported his every action back to his overbearing mother.

I know.

That sentence alone should have made me run. But he was perfect for me. Loved movies, video games and of course hot sex. Isn’t that the part that always scrambles our common sense? We took trips together and eventually the roommate moved out so

I was permitted to visit his place finally. But by then things were a bit off with us. He wasn’t as adoring and I began to suspect his new found freedom in his living arrangement was causing him to long for more freedom in his relationship as well. I knew he was an online kind of guy and a few Freudian slips let me think he was up to no good in his free time.

So I asked a friend to change her profile to his town and whamo he was on her in a day. Suspicions confirmed. He is a rat!


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