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Relationship Book Reviews: Learn How to Keep Your True Love

relationship bookWe’’re not just talking about a boring relationship book or another stupid book about dating. We’re talking about genius! We have scoured through hundreds of dating books and have some of the best ones right here. Where would this world be without experts passing on their wisdom?

Many of the relationship books we recommend are eBooks in .PDF format. That means you see something you want, you download it right now and get to read it right away! This is really the convenience that we want to offer. Some of this information you needed days or weeks ago and waiting for a book to show up in the mail is too frustrating when things are falling apart or you’re feeling desperate about your dating life.

Since you are looking for a relationship book, it is important to note, that most of the really good ones all come as eBooks. This way, the author gets to control how they are made (instead of an editor mucking things up by making it more salesworthy). The author also gets to expand and revise these books whenever new information comes to light. Don’t fear the eBook. It’s actually the best way to publish.

The problem comes down to sitting in front of your computer and reading it sometimes. That is why you should get the first piece of technology you will actually LOVE. We’re talking of course about the Kindle Fire Wireless eBook Reader from Imagine carrying around thousands of books all tucked neatly inside your purse! And it’s wireless, so you can download more books with a couple clicks.

If you’ve finally reached the point where you’ve decided to quit floundering in your relationships and get the perfect guy and keep him forever, then you are going to be reading a whole bunch of relationship eBooks. Get the Kindle now and get read to start your new life as a Relationship Diva!

Of course, we love the normal relationship book that will show up in the mail and you can read anywhere you wish, but the eBook format is just so darn convenient! If you’’ve never downloaded a dating eBook before, don’’t be scared! It’s quick and easy. Just pay attention to where it goes when it asks you WHERE you want to save it. Try saving it on your desktop for now and you can put it somewhere you can find it later.

Smart Dating Books

Rousing the Lion

Relationship Books 1Women since the dawn of time have been operating on the incorrect idea that they can change a man. This book is the closest thing to that. You can’t really change anyone, but you can inspire them to want to be better.

This relationship book is like bringing a tank to a barfight once you learn some of the concepts and techniques described in this book. Rousing the Lion teaches you very specific ways to think and how to say what you want in a way that directly speaks to the subconsious part of a man.

Sure, he can hear what your saying, but your words affect him on a very primal level. Can you see the power in being able to inspire your man to be incredible?

Whether you’re single, dating, or married, this book will arm you with the knowledge on how to make this and any future relationships better than you would have ever thought possible.

The Art of Irresistible by Roberto Hogue

art of irresistibleThe best thing about this relationship book is that it covers every step in the process of relationships. You learn how to attract men, how to keep their complete attention, how to maintain a successful relationship and how to get him to commitment. It digs deep into why you keep finding the wrong men and how to finally attract the right man.

Sure, being cute and smart will get you tons of attention, but this book offers you something you never thought was possible: being irresistible to quality men and keeping them in your life. Roberto is one smart cookie with the relationship skills of a Zen master.

You will not be disappointed with how fabulous his information is!

The Woman Men Adore by Bob Grant, the Relationship Doctor

Relationship Books 2Find the secret to creating magic with men. You will learn skills that all the most captivating women inherently know.

Do you have that one friend who’s not particularly stylish or good looking, yet she seems to find the best guys to date and has great relationships? There is a certain magnetism about people like this. This relationship book teaches you to define that magnetism and how to create it in your own life.

If it seems you’ve always struggled with your relationships, then this relationship book will send you in the right direction and you will find a great love.

Romantic Books

1000 Questions for Couples by Michael Webb

Relationship Books 3Michael Webb is known as the “world’s most romantic man.” He’s been on tons of TV shows including Oprah and he really has this whole romance thing in his back pocket. What’s his secret? It’s in knowing everything you can about your lover so that you can do all the little things that he loves. In turn, when he feels so taken care of, he’ll start to fall in love with you. Brilliant! He has three great dating books that we’re completely nuts for. The first step is to get to know everything you can about your man. 1000 Questions for Couples will turn you into SuperGirlfriend or Wife!

Getting a guy to talk about every aspect of his life is, hands-down, the best way to get into his heart. When a man opens up and reveals himself to you, it also gets him to open up and really start to feel the feelings associated with happy events in his past. He starts to feel that pride and passion associated to his dreams and goals. Everyone loves revealing how unique and interesting they are. And THEN they take all of those great feelings and associate them to YOU. If you really want a man to fall head over heels in love with your ask him 1000 Questions for Couples.

If you’re thinking about marrying a guy, it is imperative that you get this relationship book. So many people get married lately without totally knowing whom they are marrying.

300 Creative Dates by Michael Webb

Relationship Books 4Whether you’re going on the first date or you’ve been married for years, showing how creative you can be to your love interest will score you endless points and keep them excited and intrigued with keeping you in their lives. 300 Great Dates has some of the best ideas you might never possibly think of yourself. That’s what makes this book so great! There are some awesome ideas here!

“But I’m the girl. He’s supposed to come up with the dates…” Wrong! Sure, he better make with some fun times, but if you treat him to some of the ideas in this relationship book, we promise, he’ll step up and start getting creative himself. So many men don’t have a romantic bone in their body and that’s a shame. When he sees how much fun he can have with you, he’ll get inspired to have more and more fun. This is one of those “lead by example” things that will get your man to be a better romantic.

REAL Secrets of Sex by Roberto Hogue

real secrets of sexAs we get comfortable with a new lover, sex tends to get a little… routine. This is the perfect relationship book to keep things fresh and exciting. Have you ever wondered why so many men cheat? Because they want something new! Night after night, all they have to look forward to is the same sex in the same position with the same woman. Sure, sex is good and you’re pretty awesome, but humans are very curious creatures. They want the things they don’t have and they crave the things they can’t have.

If your love life is getting a little stale or you just want to learn a lot more about your own sexuality, this relationship book will really open some doors for you.

The Secrets of Flirting With Men by Mimi Tanner

Relationship Books 6There is an cherished art to flirting. And to be blunt, if you don’t know how to flirt, you are doomed to be stuck with boring guys who “just don’t get it” either. If you’ve ever watched a great movie where the guy and the girl are always flirting back and forth and you wish that would happen to you, this book is golden.

The fact is, women who flirt really well are so freakin’ cool! Guys are magically attracted to them and they always seem to be having a blast. This can be you! All you need is a little confidence and to know some of the basic skills to keep a man guessing.

You’re gonna love this relationship book and he’s gonna love you for it!


Breakup Books

The Magic of Making Up by T.W. Jackson

Whether he’s been gone for awhile or the relationship is just starting to fall apart, these are the things you need to learn right away!

Breakups can be depressing, frantic and lonely, especially when you never wanted things to end in the first place. This relationship book teaches you step by step instructions on how to get your man back into your life. One of the most important things is finding out if he still cares and how to cultivate that back into love.

Make no mistake, this is book should not get into the hands of stalkers or crazies of any kind. It really is that powerful!


Fun Girly Books

Lingerie Handbook by Rebecca Apsan

This is a sweet guide to everything lingerie. Rebecca Apsan is known as the “best bra-fitter in the country”, and she’s the owner of the fabulous lingerie store, La Petite Coquette.

This book is wonderful because it has advice on fitting, proper sizing and just about everything you’d ever want to know about lingerie and how to be you most sexy. It’s written for women of all sizes, shapes, age, or personal style. Sections include: what to buy, how to wear it, and even the why. We love the before and after pictures that really show how things should look.

If you are a lingerie lover or just want to be more girly and sexy for your man, this is the perfect place to start.

Help a sister out

There are thousands of great dating and relationship books, seminars, workshops and audio programs out there. We will keep adding more as we find them. If you have a book or course you’’d like reviewed, Contact us! Or if you’’d like to send in your own book review, Send it in!

The truth is that the more you know about relationships and dating, the better you get and the more you will get out of them. Go out and get yourself some knowledge!

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