Love Can Kill You

Love Can Kill You

by Alisha

dating and relationshipsWell, where do I begin? Let’s start by asking how many of you guys believe in love? I do not disagree with you either, only if you find the RIGHT PERSON or else you will mess your life up.

I fell in love in 2010. It was my true love (I will call it). I accepted him in every situation and even though we were only with each other for a very short time, he asked me to marry him.

As all people would do when their lover asks them to marry them, I said yes to him. Neither his family nor mine knew about it. Then he went on holiday with his family. He stayed there for 5 months, but we spoke to each other over the internet.

We were in love totally… actually, only I was. For him, everything was just a game. After he came back, he showed so much love to me. I was just happy being with him and thought I had the most amazing love in this entire life. He told me he fell in true love with me. Who would not believe in that after being in a relationship for almost 2 years?

One day, I found out he was with a girl from a chat room. He said that he only wanted her to stay in the chat room so his online chat room stays active.

We broke up for 6 months then we started to talk again. He told me he was sorry and that he still loves me even though he was with someone else at the time. When he asked if we could be together again, I thought I would take one more chance

But no, he was cheating with me with the other girl still. He carried on cheating with both of us for like 6 months we didn’t even realize until I found out. This time I asked him to leave her and he agreed. He played a double game with both of us. We broke up again.

The funny thing is that he tells me that he loves me and want us to be together forever no matter what happens. I have loved him that much that right now i cannot live without him.

Its been almost 5 years now, and he’s telling me he regrets being with me, he does not love me and everything that happened, it happened because of me. He still has relationship with others beside me being his wife, yet today I’m nothing for him. and he told me to DIE.

After being with someone for 5 years and they tell u all this, would you feel like staying alive?? I don’t want to be in this world and I don’t have much time left now. I know he does not believe me that I will die very soon, but one thing I would like him to know is that I still love him even after him breaking me into pieces… I wish he sees me on the last day of my death, I just wanna prove to him that I have loved him honestly!!!


Our Breakup Advice for You

You’re not proving a thing
by: Sarah

So you’re gonna kill yourself because you fell in love with a complete asshole? How does that prove how much you love him?

It might make him feel bad about what he did to you… for a second, but who benefits from that? THE GIRL HE’S BEEN CHEATING WITH!!!

He might feel so bad that he’s been such a jerk to you that he decides to make a real go at his relationship with the other girl.

You picked the wrong guy to commit your love to! That’s really all this is. And although this seems devastating, we have all done it sister! Holy cow, I can’t count how many times I have pledged my undying love to a complete loser.

That doesn’t mean you need to kill yourself. Really…

You might want to talk to any kind of counselor before you do anything drastic. Mine has helped me through some tough patches.

Don’t kill yourself, Honey. You’re really just proving him right.



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