In Love with my Uncle

In Love with my Uncle

dating and relationshipsby Sanjida

My name is Sanjida. I am not in the age to fall in love… but I am in love just the same. The man I love is my uncle. It’s so bad to fall in love with an uncle. He is not old, he is young. Love is blind.

His name is Zahid and he is very a flirty person. I’ve been in love with him from 2 years but no one knows about my love except my aunty. My aunty is my best friend.

I am a simple girl, but nowadays when I look at his eyes, it says ‘I love you Sanjida.’

My mother has a doubt about me because whenever he comes to our house I always stay with him. That’s why she took my phone so that I can’t talk with him. His birthday is one day before mine. When his birthday came, my mother allowed me to talk with him. After that we again started to talk in the phone, then one day my aunty came and said that he is coming to our house.

He lives very far from our house and when he comes, he stays a month or more. Then again, I started to stay together with him. My mother doesn’t like him and she insults him.

I can’t say how I feel. I will say to everyone that Love Is Blind. The feeling of love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Love someone who loves you. It doesn’t matter the person whom you love. Best of luck for your Love life.

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1 thoughts on “In Love with my Uncle

  1. Unknown

    I myself is in this position, except, I am the uncle. Her mother is hating me so much, but her cousin is supporting us and is being very openminded about our relationship. My niece’s mother is an abusive woman towards her and I’ve always supported my niece to go through that. We didn’t know each other untill two years ago and love just happens to fall on both of us for each other. We didn’t ask for or, it just happened and I think it’s the mits beautiful thing ever. I’ve never felt like that for a woman, I’ve been with 4 women in my life. Maybe it won’t work on the long run, but we enjoy each second we spend together.

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