I told myself to go for it!

by Terri
(Cleveland Ohio)

When I first saw my current husband, it was at a party at my friend’s house. He was all the things I wanted in a man: tall, blond, and handsome. I asked around and no one seemed to know anything about him.

go-for-it-seductionFinally, I asked the girl he was speaking to the most. I figured she was his girlfriend since he stood by her most of the night. I knew I might be getting myself into a little trouble, but I simply had to meet him.

She told me he was a friend of her husband’s and had just gotten out of a pretty painful divorce. He was shy and kinda scared to get back into the dating scene, but she dragged him to this party to get him a little social interaction.

As soon as he came back with his drink, I POUNCED! I rubbed my fingers across his shirt to feel his muscley chest and said, “Wow! I love this shirt!” and walked away. I made sure to look back over my shoulders to see the longing look in his eyes.

He nervously looked away, but then looked right back at me. I made sure to leave the room and make him come look for me.

And of course he did (with a lot of prodding by his friend that I talked to). A year later, we were married! I’m so happy I decided to go for it! I remember thinking I could’ve seen the woman he was with as his wife/girlfriend and never made the move. I’m so glad I did.

How’s that for a seduction story?!! Anyone else tempted to go for it?