How to Dating

How to dating: what it takes to attract a man

how to datingHow to dating is a question that millions of women face every day? The whole thing just feels awkward when you don’t know what you are doing or when you get into situations that you have never dealt with before in the dating world.

More than anything, the best how to dating tip is to RELAX! Unless the guy you are sitting across from is drooling and sharpening knives, there is nothing you can do that will wreck your entire life as long as you keep your wits about you.

If you are looking for the best book on the subject, there is no relationship book more informative than Roberto Hogue’s Art of Irresistible. It goes through just about everything you’ve never considered about dating and will make you absolutely unstoppable whether you are brand new to dating or starting over at dating after years of marriage or years of being a hermit.

Stop analyzing

Most people get stuck in a loop of analyzing and over-analyzing everything the person is saying to you. We get caught up in the zit just itching to show itself at this date. We start to question our choice in outfit, how fresh our breath is, or horrified that we forgot deodorant.

Wait a second, what did he just say? What did that mean?

The whole how to dating thing can be as scary as going to court… but only if you get too wrapped up in everything other than just having a good time. You are only here for one reason; to determine if this guy is even worth the second date. If yes, then you only have to be charming enough for him to want a second date with you.

Of course it helps if you can be a great conversationalist that can lead the conversation away from negative things and still remain mysterious enough that he’ll be dying to know more about you.

…and this all comes to you if you simply settle you mind and simply be present at your date. He will see how laid back and fun you are and he will want more.

Listen to your intuition

Once your brain calms down, you can listen to that much deeper voice inside you telling you that you are doing fine or that soemthing’s wrong with this guy and to run away screaming. We have been taught that we are pretty smart and can think our ways out of any situation. The problem with this is that if you had listened to your intuition, you would have known this already and wouldn’t even be in a situation that requires fleeing.

Men have a ton of sources these days telling them how to get laid by using seduction techniques, covert hypnosis, or presenting themselves as people they are not. How do you get through these shady creatures? By asking a ton of questions. Even the slipperiest guy can get caught in his lies if questioned deep enough.

In how to dating, never try to explain away something negative that he has said or done. It’s all in our nature to think, “Well, he’s got a lot of stress at work” or “He’s just waiting for the right opportunity” or “He probably didn’t really mean to say that.” NOTHING is worse for you on the dating scene.

If the guy you just met doesn’t have a job, then HE DOESN’T HAVE A JOB! There are no excuses for that. He might be a great guy, but the moment you explain that away is the first step to him eventually moving into your house while you support him. Of course, everyone goes through rough patches in their lives, but it is not your job to date them!

Determine the must haves and the deal breakers that you will never make exceptions for and then never make that exception for any guy. Regret is one of the worst feelings in how to dating. If you always stick to your rules, then you will virtually ensure that you’ll never have to deal with regret.

In how to dating, one of the key aspects to keep in mind is to always consider what you want out of the relationship and don’t let a guy distract you from reaching that goal!

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