How to Cheat

“This is embarrassing, but I need to find out how to cheat without getting caught.”

How to CheatFor whatever reason, sometimes a relationship comes down to needing to know how to cheat. Maybe he does no’t show you affection anymore. Maybe you’re in one of those loveless marriages and you’re only there for the kids. Maybe you just can’t help getting your freak on. Only you know the real reason and those that would choose to judge you don’t really know what you’re dealing with.

The fact remains, there is someone else out there that you just can’t help but be attracted to. You have your husband or boyfriend that you love dearly (or maybe you don’t), but you can’t bring yourself to leave him. Perhaps he gives you a very different kind of love. One that is stable and comfortable, but passionless. You’re not alone. But you absolutely must do this in a smart way. Crushing your husband or boyfriend isn’t a great way to leave a relationship.

If you are seriously ready to make that plunge, then it’s imperative that you read How to Cheat and Not Get Caught. The title says it all. Don’t be needlessly stupid. If you are going to do this, do it right.

So, this other guy is everything he is no’t. He’s compulsive, good looking, and alive! He awakens those animal feelings in you that you thought were all but dead. So now you find yourself here wanting to know how to cheat and not ruin your situation with your current lover.

What are you gonna do? If you ha’ve made it this far, it’s pretty likely that you’re about to go for it. Before you dive in head first, consider a few things. Is staying with your current man really that important? Is there a way you can dump your boyfriend and reclaim your freaky side? This is no’t something you should go into lightly. The absolute goal here is to not get caught and ruin everything. A great start is to read a book about how to catch a cheater to see all of the telltale signs that people leave behind when they stray from the relationship.

Hopefully you have played the movie in your mind about every possible way he might react if he finds out. If those movies are really ugly and frightening, you better watch your step or really put some thought into breaking up. This little escapade might not be worth someone going to jail or the hospital.

Now that we got the administrative portion in mind, let’s examine how to cheat in the safest way possible:

Never assume he’’s stupid

Your boyfriend or husband may act like he could care less about you, but when it comes to holding on to what’s his, you might find he’’ll work really hard to keep you (or expose you). If you must have an affair, do everything you can to hide it from your partner.

In the end, you might never really know how he’ll react, so don’’t take any chances.

Set up precedents

If you always answer the phone on the first ring or answer emails right away, stop it! Stop being so available all the time. If you work gradually into being less reachable, then he will have no reason to be suspicious when you don’’t answer the phone all night because you’’re with Mr. Exciting.

Get involved or become interested in some kind of night activity or an activity that might take place during your cheating hours. If you have a legitimate reason to be gone, the chances of you getting caught cheating are much less. Make sure your “activity” does no’t involve you needing to produce something that you can’’t get. If you’’re out at an “all-night quilting event,” make sure you bought a quilt to bring home with you.

Set up rules

The new man might or might not know he’s helping you do something “forbidden.” If he does know you already have a man, then he will understand that he’s required to use a little discretion when contacting you. If he does no’t know you have an “old man,” just be mysterious and let him know that he can only call you at certain hours or only by email. If he’’s not completely stupid, eventually he’’ll get the point.

The key to how to cheat without getting caught is setting up rules for yourself to not do anything compulsive like kissing your lover in a parking lot when you live in a very small town. Basically, any time you are in public with this guy, you could be pushing your luck. You never know when someone who knows you or your boyfriend will pop up. Promise yourself to be discrete. By parading your cabana boy all over town, you are essentially embarrassing your husband by being so blatant. If you care for his feelings or at least want your side dish to stay alive, be cool about it.

Take note of how you act around your man

Sometimes it’s pretty difficult to hide that glow of just being sexed-up professionally. Most people give away their cheating by unpredictable mood swings. Pull in those feelings. Don’t get unreasonably irritated or overjoyed with your boyfriend. It will give away that something has changed.

You may feel guilty in the process of learning how to cheat. Don’t start overcompensating by being uncharacteristically loving or attentive to your main man. Rediscovering those dormant feelings of attractiveness and longing will awaken a magic inside you. If you direct too much of this at your boyfriend, he will start to question.

It is pretty great to go with these feelings though. A relationship on the side has the way to reinvigorate your main relationship. This way your getting both kinds of love you need: sexual and devoted. If you decide to let these feelings make your relationship better, work it in slowly.

Never accuse him of cheating

This is the biggest mistake cheaters make. You think you’’re throwing the scent off of your trail by accusing him first, but all you are doing is putting this thought into his head. Now he’’s really wondering if you’’re doing something sly. You might actually even believe that you have a cheating boyfriend, but it could just be that you are hypersensitive to it since it’s all over your mind.

Besides if you have no problem cheating on him, but might lose it if he cheated on you, you might as well dump him because you’’re probably not mature enough to do it without getting caught.

When dealing with emotional infidelity, you have to be willing to let him have his fun too. It’’s only fair and it’s an important state of mind to be in when understanding how to cheat.

Cover your tracks

You should probably avoid using an email address or computer he shares access to. You might one day get careless and leave the screen up with your cheating emails. He might be computer savvy enough to check the computer history and see what you’’ve been doing online (including reading this article on how to cheat). He might even be savvy enough to install some keylogging software that records everything you type on your computer. It’s best to use a work computer or a friend’s.

You should also delete any sexy text messages you get on your phone right after you read them. You will feel a strange desire to keep incriminating evidence, but don’’t do it. It’s not worth getting caught.

Make no mistake: by cheating on your husband or boyfriend, you are taking steps to breaking his heart. Most relationships end when someone gets caught cheating. If you don’’t want to lose your main man, do whatever you can to keep your sexy secret well hidden. You should probably also check out this great article on how to lie effectively. Think hard before you decide to make such a big step. Perhaps, all you need is some good relationship advice. You owe it to the man you love to spare him the terrible news that you’re working on how to cheat on him.

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