How to be Healthy

how to be healthyDoes learning how to be healthy really help on the dating scene?”

You know it! In fact, determining people who know how to be healthy is one of the primary functions of our biological drives. Some might argue with this, but for the sake of making a point, it’s one of our basic instincts when figuring out if we are attracted to someone.

To be blunt, sick people have sick babies that won’’t survive. Of course, modern science is way more advanced and babies have a much better chance that when the cavemen were figuring out how to be healthy, but that little want still remains: a healthy person desires a healthy mate.

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Change the way you think

Let’s face it, most of the things you do (and don’t do) to make you unhealthy has gone on so long, it’s really become a part of you. It’s one thing to commit to working out 3 times a week. It’s a completely different thing to do it for longer than a couple weeks.

  • It’s time to get rid of all those limiting beliefs and self-sabotage that have kept you sad for so long. It’s time to check out Panic Away and learn to release all your anxiety and fears and get back to the powerful and vivacious you! This system allows you to change the way you think about things and stamp out all of those negative thoughts before they have a chance to make you sad. It accelerates the progress you can achieve on your road to health and happiness.
  • What if you seem to ruin many of your relationships because you have a problem trusting your partner? You better believe it will not get any better unless you do something about it! We love the book, Conquer Jealousy to really help you explore the roots of these feelings and how to really tell for sure if they are legitimate or are you just letting your thoughts get the best of you. If you’ve lost loves because of your jealousy, you owe it to yourself to fix this part of your life.
  • Maybe it’s your problem with anger that’s creating havoc in your life. You don’t know why, but some things will just set you off and there’s no way to calm you down. You need The Step by Step Guide to Anger Management. It helps you to see why you feel this way and simple steps you can take to not let things upset you.

Eat Better

You don’’t need to be a scientist or doctor to realize that some of the things you’’re eating are making you sick. The side effects of a bad diet are decreased immunity, weight gain, loss of energy. A really bad diet can cause heart problems and diabetes! If you have health problems, the first place to start is to look at your diet. Are you getting enough fruits, vegetables and proteins?

Some people never really learned to eat a healthy diet and consequently have been overweight and sick their whole lives. Without knowing how to eat healthy, they will continue to just eat what they love and stay miserable.

  • This is why we really love the Healthy Fast Food book. Let’s face it, many of us LOVE the deliciousness of fast food. What if you can continue to eat WHERE you want and by just making a few changes in WHAT you eat, you lose weight and get healthier? If you love fast food, you’ll love this book even more!
  • Does eating always make you feel tired and bloated? You might be eating all the wrong things! Try the Zen Secrets to a Healthy and Flat Tummy and learn how to eat meals that make you feel great!

Stop Smoking

If you are really dedicated to how to be healthy, then sorry to say it, the cigs gotta go. More and more great guys in the dating scene are non-smokers. Wouldn’t it suck to find the guy of your dreams only to figure out that he hates smoking?!

  • Some of the Love Gurus here have used the Quit Smoking Magic system to stop smoking and they couldn’’t be happier (Jamie did it because she did meet that perfect non-smoker!). Quitting smoking is actually more difficult than trying to quit heroin which is why so many people fail. And quitting cold turkey is so hard to do and having a system to help that is not only homeopathic, but prevents the typical weight gain is pretty awesome! So if you’’re ready to break the habit, then don’t wait any longer.
  • Wanna try something fun to help quit smoking? Try hypnosis! Make no mistake, if you are actually at the point where you need to quit smoking, your brain wants to smoke. It craves the nicotine. It craves the oral fixation. It craves the simple ritual of smoking. You have to get your brain to think differently. This is where Self-hypnotherapy courses come into play. I know, hypnosis seems like a bunch of craziness, but if you’re really serious about quitting smoking once and for all, this stuff works! The best part is that you can download this course TODAY and start your new life RIGHT NOW!

Eat your Vitamins

  • There’s no doubt that getting more multivitamins, HA formulas and especially Omega 3 oils will make you feel a whole lot healthier. We really like multivitamins for women. If you’’re not “into health foods” then some of this stuff might seem a little weird to you, but after taking it for a couple weeks, you start to feel fantastic! If you are prone to getting sick or you feel like you don’t have any energy, try some supplements. Most people take it for a couple days and give up, but it takes a little time to start propping up your immune system until you really feel that rush of healthy power. If you’re looking for ways on how not to get sick all the time, give your immune system a well-deserved treat.

Get active

This is the hardest on of all to accomplish. It takes time, effort, dedication, and energy to lead a healthy lifestyle, but of all the ways to get healthy, this one provides the most return and makes you damn sexy on top of it!

  • Looking to put some lean muscle on your body? We’re not talking some crazy insanity workout either. Have you ever heard of Ben Pakulksi’s Mi40x workout system? It’s really worth a try to check this one out.
  • If you’re brand new to getting healthy or you’ve had a bunch of past failures, then you really should check out the book, Fat Burning Kitchen.The best thing about this book is that it really gives you this information in the easiest way possible. Most weightloss books try to create “programs” and make you set goals which we all know get thrown out the window that first time we backslide a little bit. To put it plainly, if you follow this book, you will put yourself in a permanent direction to getting that hot body you’ve always wanted. We promise you won’t be an “Idiot” after reading it!

Come back soon

As we review more great healthy products, we’ll post up only our favorites. Make sure you bookmark this page and find out other great ways to help you on the road of how to be healthy! Don’t forget to check out our pages on getting in shape.

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