How to be Attractive

How to be Attractive:
The Girl’s Guide to being a Rockstar

How to be attractiveWhen you look at it, the people who know how to be attractive get everything they’ve always wanted in life. We’re not just talking about being born the beautiful daughter of two famous supermodel parents. We’re talking about true beauty. The kind of irresistible charisma of a person who has worked hard on making their lives incredible.

Do you know people like this? Maybe it’s one of your friends. She walks into the room and steals everyone’s breath by the sheer force of her presence. She’s funny, smart, kind, and personable. You miss her when she’s not there. She has all the great qualities that know just how to attract a man.

What’s keeping you from being that person? She wasn’t born charming! She didn’t pop out of her mother and immediately start in with an anecdote about the cute guy who helped her find her binky.

Being charismatic is something you have to learn. Although your genes make you crave fascinating people, they don’t give you the blueprint on how to be attractive. So what do you do? Where do you start? It all starts with the definition of attraction.

What makes someone attractive?

Obviously, the appearance of health, beauty, and good genetics is near the top of everyone’s list, but what does that mean? Why do most hotties also have so many other great characteristics? Pay attention here: they get complimented their whole lives. They are given almost everything they want. People throw themselves at a beautiful person’s feet begging to be trampled.

So maybe this doesn’t happen to you, but it doesn’t have to for you to understand what’s really happening here. It’s all the attention that brings them unstoppable confidence (it also gives them an irrational insecurity, but that’s another story). If everyone always told you how fabulous you are, it’s no stretch to start believing it.

Do you really need the grovelers to pump up your self confidence? Hell no! When you understand that you’re awesome without needing some dork in a bar to tell you so, this is true esteem and it’s irresistible! Once you believe you’ve got the goods, you already know how to attract a man.

Be a rockstar!

be a playerStop waiting for a man to define you! Hoping for a guy to come along and “save you” is not part of how to be attractive. You need to make yourself the person you want to be. Make a great life for yourself. Discover your own happiness and I promise, when that amazing man finally comes along, you’ll not only have to skills to catch him, you’ll also know you to keep him in your life.

This section is the “how to guide” to make yourself irresistible to men. We’re going to makeover your entire life into something even a man would be jealous of. Some of it might not be so obvious, like how to be rich, but think about it this way: are you looking for a dude that can’t pay his own bills? Neither is he?

  • Let’s start with how to be happy. No one wants to hang around negative, angry people. Make your life take an upward turn and you’ll see that everyone in your life will find you captivating.
  • How to be healthy. Being healthy makes you easy to be around. Find ways to stop being sick, stop being tired, and stop letting health issues kill your hotness.
  • No one can resist a girl who knows how to be funny. Learn ways to develop a sense of humor. Women always say they want a guy who makes them laugh. Guys want the same thing in you!
  • It’s pretty hard to be funny without also knowing how to be smart. Brilliant girls make better girlfriends!
  • No man will ever walk away from a woman who truly understands how to be sexy. Find your inner minx and set his love on fire!
  • How to be popular. Learn from the best to become a diva. Delight your friends and mesmerize the fellas.
  • How to be beautiful. No you can’t forget about your looks. Being beautiful has a lot to do with the effort you put into it. He appreciates everything you do to make yourself look better for him.
  • Perhaps one of the best aspects of how to be attractive is the lost art of how to be mysterious. Never let him think he knows you completely.
  • And yes, learning how to be rich is one other quality that adds to the whole how to be attractive package. A guy would never marry a girl who’s mired in crushing debt. Learn new ways to think about your finances so money can be your friend.
  • Ever thought of laser hair removal? How about HOME laser hair removal! That’s right. Now you can have permanent hair removal at home!
  • You seriously need to check out these basic, yet excellent makeup tips on how to get the most out of your sexy skin.
  • Got Acne? Get rid of acne once and for all. We’ve found a one-two punch that clears up your skin safely and permanently. Best of all, you can do it at home with no need for expensive spa treatments.

Holy Moley! That’s a lot of stuff! It sure is. One way to look at this so it’s not so scary is to consider working small aspects of all of this great information into your life every week. That’s right: baby steps. Don’t think that you can do all of this in a day or even a month. Every day should be a new commitment on another aspect of how to be attractive.

Just imagine yourself a year from now looking back to these moments and seeing how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown. You are going to be so proud of what you’ve accomplished? and your hot new boyfriend will be too!

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