He Keeps Breaking up with Me

What should I do if he keeps breaking up with me?

Why do guys dump girls over and over again?

He keeps breaking up with meQuestion by Crystal
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What does it mean when a guy keeps breaking up with me for no reason? He gets angry and storms out saying he’ll never come back. Then a few days later he’s all Lovey-dovey saying sweet things and making me feel sorry for something I haven’t even done.

Now we’re in a long distance relationship and things have gotten worse. He switches from mean and stupid to loving and sorry almost on a monthly basis.

Why does he dump me over and over again and I didn’t do nothing to him beside love him with all my heart and soul?

Why do guys break up?

There are always reasons for a breakup.

They might not be very good reasons for a breakup, but they feel real at the time. Loving with all your heart and soul is not enough, Crystal.

With so little information, it’s impossible to tell you exactly why, but the standard reasons are always there.

  • He’s bored and takes it out on you
  • He’s angry and takes it out on you
  • He’s only with you until something better comes along

I could keep this list going for another ten pages, but why bother? All of these are excuses that don’t leave you with any power to change things. Let’s take a harder more difficult look at this problem:

Maybe, just maybe…

  • You are boring and look to him to entertain you
  • You have issues that get in the way of your relationship
  • Your fears are preventing you from going to the next level in this relationship
  • You see relationships as a place to get comfortable and become complacent
  • You don’t have anything excellent going on with your life and your future

Was that painful to read? It really hurt me to ask, but these are the things we NEED to ask ourselves when we look back at our past and only see a string of half-assed broken relationships. Essentially, if you’re not excited about your life, then you aren’t really exciting to a significant other.

Change your life and he’ll never break up again!

Loving with your whole heart is only a fraction of a relationship. It’s also important that you back that up with action!

And I’m not talking about action like making him dinner or getting him gifts or going to his favorite monster truck rallies. That stuff is cool–and definitely necessary, but I’m talking about action in your own life. How do you also inspire him? How are you showing him he can be a better man by always becoming a better woman? Who are you that would inspire him to swim across a river of alligators just to make sure you would never leave him?

Dudes don’t break up with women who make them feel proud to have you on their arms.

Step one to prevent that he keeps breaking up with you is to become irresistible. And I’m not talking about transforming into a supermodel or doing any outside changes (this DEFINITELY ALWAYS helps, but it can only get you so far). I’m talking about making a bunch of small changes in your life and how view your future. Each step is easy and if there’s anything you think is stupid or just feel you are incapable of, skip it! As long as you point your life in the right direction (or for some of us, any direction is better than nothing).

What I suggest is reading a book like The Art of Irresistible. What if you had a bunch of easy pieces of “homework” to change a thought process or to inspire you to start something grand in your life? What if this was the BEST way to get guys attracted to you and actually keep a guy interested in you forever? Yeah, this book is pretty cool…

Add a Long Distance Relationship and now there’s more problems

You said this is a long distance relationship so how do you keep it together when you guys are so far away from each other? How can you keep a man whose mostly one foot out the door when you’re miles away from each other and can’t possibly work things out in person?

By living an amazing life for him to come back to! Otherwise, there are too many distractions where he is to keep him interested. LDR’s are hard. You have to be way more interesting than you would if you were face to face. I hope this helps, but if you’re with a dude who keeps bailing over and over, then he’s not happy in this relationship and he’s too weak to just cut the ties completely. Find yourself someone who’s into you 100%


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  1. Castle

    I think in situations like this it is best to let them go. It isn’t healthy or fair to either person to have an on again off again relationship. Sometimes when we love someone the best thing to do is let them go, and that is a way of showing you love them. Because you want them to be happy not miserable. Sometimes people come into our life as a lesson, and not our forever and always. It is up to us to figure out the lesson. Just because you let go doesn’t mean its goodbye forever. You two could stay close and in touch.but sometimes we are just simply meant for another soul. And that other soul fits ours better then anyone else ever could.

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