Building your Relationship

“If I work on building the relationship, nothing will get between us.”

Build RelationshipIt’s true. You’ have gone from casual dating to building the relationship into something more solid. Be careful! Don’t rush this step.

Men tend to make their love related decisions well after the fact. Whereas you might be able to watch him doing something incredible, or see how good he is with children, or hear the deep sound of his voice and fall in love with him on the spot. For men, it’s more of a complex mathematical equation.

He will find himself at work, thinking about something cool you did or maybe just the curves of you body and it will hit him all at once: “I really dig this girl!”

The best trick to building a great relationship is make him think it was his decision to love you. How do you do that? Don’t mention the word love. You should n’ot bust out the “L” word for at least a month any-ways. There is a fabulous ebook that really gets into what he loves about women and how you can get him closer to falling in love with you. Rousing the Lion teaches you to always think about new ways to surprise him and keep him on his toes. Do you really want your man to always be thinking about you? This system will make you irresistible to him!

Is he showing signs?

If you’’re paying attention, you’ll know when he’s falling for you. Love tends to make us all turn into glazed-over goof-balls. You’’ll just be hanging out together one night and you’’ll see that charmed look of him staring at you with a big grin on his face.

Look into his eyes. Are his pupils dilated? Of all the body’s physical responses for love and happiness, this is one that no one can control. When someone is feeling strong feelings for someone else, their pupils get huge. It’’s one of those subconscious things that help us tell if we are being loved, but if you know to look for it, you’’ll know when you ha’ve got him hooked.

So what do you do? That depends on what kind of guy he is. If he’’s pretty good with his emotions, feel free to tell him you love him. If he’’s not, take the indirect approach. Tell him that you are really into him or you ha’ve never met a man like him before. Either way, you are trying to make him feel good for having feelings for you.

This is your best weapon to building the relationship. Reward him for feeling good.

Make the good feelings stronger

Some women think that affection gets traded whenever he does chores or does something you want him to do. That’’s pretty cool, but when you know he’’s feeling great (especially feeling great about you) and you double that feeling… You can bring the relationship to greater heights.

If you’ have already read the page about understanding men, then you know we all have three parts to our brains: Lust, Emotions, and Logic. To keep a man around, you have to feed all three of these desires separately. Of course you can do two or all three at once, but you need to realize that each of these three brains needs to be attended to in order for a man to reach a higher level of feelings for you.

What does this mean? Your directions could no’t be more simple. Always try to be interesting, nice, and sexy. These three things are interconnected too! You can’’t act sexy without being more interesting to him. When you are good to him, it increases his feelings of lust. You simply can’’t lose!

The more you fill all three of these desires, the more you build his relationship commitment.

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