How to be Rich

“I wanna know how to be rich? Got any suggestions?”

be rich“Really? A dating advice site giving economics advice? You guys are crazy!”

Think of it this way: women have historically been taught to just be cute and wait for marriage and the man will provide for everything. Just how many times has that worked out for you? Seriously, us girls need to get off our butts and start planning for our futures regardless of a sexy and complicated billionaire coming to save us. The world is yours, women! Get up and get it!

Unlike the zillions of get rich quick schemes and scams on the Internet, we’re going to show you some easy steps how to get rich. There is no rocket science here, and there are no promises on how to make millions, just simple things that will make you financially sound.

In order to put any of these methods to work, you just have to be fed up enough with your situation to make a real effort to reaching your goals. In the dating world, it’’s so easy to just dream about some fabulously rich lover to swoop in and take care of everything. Let’’s burst that little bubble, in fact, let’’s smash it with a massive hammer! There is no one but you who can fix your financial situation. In fact, if you actually found a rich dude (responsible dude) and had him look at your finances, it might scare him away!

There is no one out there that should take care of this but you. There are no magic fairies and well off dudes will not date women who aren’’t at least responsible. Yeah, yeah, you hear about the Hotties who’’s lives are complete trainwrecks scoring the prince of wherever and being whisked away on a private jet. How well has that worked out for you, sister?

Stop waiting for something to come along. Stop being a prisoner of hope. The only way to get an awesome life is to live the hell out of the one you have right now. Just like all of the advice on this site is about making yourself better to score a better dude, the same goes for how to get rich.

You’ll never get rich

That’s right, we said it. You will never get rich. There is a FUNDAMENTAL difference between rich people and the rest of us. They love and respect money. They are insanely driven and will do anything to succeed. And quite possibly, they are many of the cheapest, most frugal people you’ll ever meet… Or they’’re born with it. Unless you can use either one of those scenarios to describe yourself, face it, the best advice on how to get rich is to understand that it will never happen.

Brutal huh?

Now that we’’ve squashed your dreams, where do we go from here? Let’’s redefine what your goals are. When you say, ““I want to be rich,”” you are setting a goal too high and setting yourself up for a crushing disappointment. How about a better perspective? Instead, how about saying, ““I want to make enough money to support a great lifestyle!”” Now you’’re on the right track.

Some people are just dumb with money. There are tons of limiting beliefs behind that stupidity. We’ve found a great course on how to change you mind about money and your life in general. Try Think Rich Secrets to really supercharge your road to riches. This will help you incredibly to get rid of anything that’s blocking you from real success.

Get out of debt

Step one, no step zero is to work your way out of debt. From now on, only buy things that you have money for. Obviously, there aren’’t many people who can just write a check for a house or a car, but everything else should be purchased with money you own.

Did you know that if you only paid the minimum payments on a $1000 credit card bill, it will take over eight years to pay off! That cute pair of shoes you just put on your credit card will cost you more than double if you just make the minimum payments.

So what do you do? Stop charging on your cards and start paying as much as you can afford every month until the balance is paid off. Once that card is paid off use the extra you’’ve been paying and the minimum payment for the paid card and apply it to the next card. This is money already gone from your paycheck, don’t start thinking, ““That’s 30 extra bucks I can spend every month!”” Nope! Think of that money as already gone. That $30 goes towards paying down the next bill.

The less debt you have, the more money you keep, the less stress you have, the hotter you become to a prospective mate! See how this whole money thing ties into finding great love. People with no stress in their lives are gorgeous!

Work on your life

Now that we’’ve managed to find out how to be rich by getting out of debt, saving money, and investing, let’s figure out how to make more of that money for you to invest. No doubt about it, the better your education, the more money you will make. It’s time to go back to school! Smart girls are so sexy!

“”But I hated school!”” You only hated school because they were forcing you to learn things you had no interest in. Think about what you really want to do. What is the one thing you always wanted to learn? Get out there and learn how to do it!

Don’t you think it’s time to advance your career in with a degree in a Growing Field? The first step is researching what you want to do first and then finding some place local (or far away) that teaches what you are interested in. Your future is a quick Google search away. All you have to do is start with what you are most interested in. See who’s got courses in your area. Let’s say you really love wine. Have you ever considered making your own? That dream can stretch all the way out to running your own winery! I guarantee you there are colleges around the globe who are offering complete courses in viticulture right now. If you really want to dream, how about taking these courses in Italy or France?

See how easy it is to create your own dream? Maybe you’re crafty and make cool things with your hands. What if you had a whole business around that? All you need is some business classes to really put this dream in motion.

””But college is expensive!”” Yes ma’’am, it sure is, but using that as an excuse is like saying, ““I don’’t want to be a millionaire because then I have to pay more taxes.”” The truth is there are tons and tons of scholarships out there if you spend a couple minutes a day and do your research. Find free money for college or an advanced degree here. It would be crazy if you didn’t check out all the FREE MONEY the government gives away to help all of us follow our dreams!

What’s the best reason to go to school? Tons and tons of smart, cute boys with a bright future ahead of them! If you are really stumped on where to meet quality men there is no easier place to find them…

Make money without your active participation

There’s a book called The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Timothy Ferriss in which he describes the key to living a great life is creating a revenue source that makes money without you needing to be there to manage it.

No doubt about it, the Internet is making a lot of people money and it’s a solid direction in how to be rich. Once again, we’re not talking millions here, but you can make enough money to replace your current income. The problem is that all of the programs and systems and Internet gurus are either promising you more than is possible or they’re doing something shady.

People are making great money selling things on eBay. They start their own businesses. They get famous (and paid!) on Youtube. They become life coaches! These are just a few examples to get you excited about becoming financially free. Think about your dreams and find someone to help you get there. Once again, there’s grant money out there for you to follow this dream!

WARNING: None of these are get rich quick schemes! It takes effort, work, and some smarts on your part to make something that not only gives you tons of satisfaction, but pays for itself (and grows year after year). After that, you don’’t have to work hard on a business that will provide returns for as long as you put in just a little bit of effort. It’’s pretty brilliant actually.

Save for the future

Do you have a retirement account? Do you have any investments that money is automatically deducted out of your account every month? Start doing it! You can never consider this money you own either. It is something you will never touch until you are retired.

“”But I can’’t afford to invest.”” Nowadays, not many people can, but even if its $25 a month, you will be happy when that little sacrifice now grows into $20,000 or more. Some people might see that as nothing, but to some that might be everything. Either way, if it’s auto-deducted from your account, it’s as if it never existed.

So what do I invest in?

In the US, the easiest thing is to invest in a Roth IRA. Any bank will have a company they use, for the rest of the world, simply Google “personal retirement account” with your country after it and you’’ll be pointed in the right direction.

You have no idea how satisfying it is to tell people you have a retirement account. Even if it’s only a tiny amount of money, it still feels good to know you’’re taking care of business.

Start this today! The longer you wait, the more you have to put in later just to catch up with the compound interest you could’’ve had.

So maybe you already have an IRA or some type of retirement account. Where else do you go? Given the turmoil in the financial market for pretty much the last 8 or 9 years, it might sound like madness to invest in the stock market right now, but right now might be the best time in your entire lifetime to start buying stocks. Think of it as a half off sale!

Unless you plan to retire in the next four years, the stock market is a great place to put your money. Scary statement, huh? What about all those people who owned stocks in some of the banks that went under? Those people all lost their shirts and are probably working as Wallmart greeters…

So how can you invest and not risk it all? The answer is Index Funds. An Index Fund is like investing in the entire market. The general trend in the stock market since it began is to go up. There have been some ups and some terrifying downs, but in time, the market recovers and your money grows. Beyond that, there is this freaky thing called tax lien certificates that my boyfriend has made a killing on. Basically, you purchase the delinquent tax debt of a property and when the owner pays it back, you make a predetermined amount of interest and the world is a happy place. If the owner never pays it back or goes bankrupt, you just might own the house outright for just the cost of back taxes! It’s crazy, but I’ve seen it in action and it really works!

A very basic explanation of the Stock Market

Back to the stock market: don’’t look at your investment in stocks as money, look at it as shares. Let’s say you only have $100 a month to invest and you choose a stock that costs 50$. For your $100, you get two shares in that company. You now actually own a hundred dollars worth of that company. Next month the shares go up to $75. Now your $100 dollars only buys about 1 and a third shares. As the stock price goes up, you now purchase less shares so your share growth is less, but the money is still there.

So the next month, the price goes up to $100. Now you’’re only buying one share, but the ones you already bought are worth considerably more. What if the stock goes down? Let’s say the second month, the stock drops to $25. Now you get four shares for your investment. If you believe that eventually everything goes up, when those four $25 get to $100, you’’ve made just about as much as if the price never dropped. That’’s a sweet road on how to be rich!

Let’s not get too deep here and get back to the Index Funds. What an index fund does is buy into all the funds tracked by the market. For example, Vanguard’’s Vanguard 500 Index Fund takes your investment and buys into a little bit of almost every stock sold by the S&P 500. If the market goes up, the stock goes up, when it goes down……

What if one of the companies in the S&P 500 goes bankrupt, it might drop the value of your shares a little, but there are 499 other companies that make sure you don’’t suffer a total loss. If you invested all that money into the bankrupt company, bye bye investment!

Learning how to be rich is more than just having a mountain of cash, it’s about having the resources to make you happy. An investment of a little money today can grow into something huge tomorrow. An investment of a little of your time, hard-work, and knowledge can turn into a permanent income source for the rest of your life!

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