How to Attract a Guy

“How can I attract a guy and get his attention?”

how to attract a guyThere are a million different ways to attract a guy and trying to actively get his attention is probably the worst. There is one laser targeted way to get the guy: ignore him! …but you have to do it selectively.

The best way how to attract a guy is to make him work for it; really work for it! Of course, you could walk right up to him, tell him that your madly in love with him and demand that he take you home right then and there, but there is definitely nothing worse than showing all of your cards and taking all of the mystery out of the dance of dating. When trying to attract a guy, it is vital that you understand what it means to be the woman men adore! This is a great book on how to really captivate a man to the point that he can only think of you. If you want to not only attract the guy you’re interested in, but all men, then this book is perfect for you.

Getting back to remaining a mystery, it’s a delicate balance of letting him think you are trying to ignore him and then letting him think he has a chance.

How to ignore him the right way

When you ignore him, it’s important for him to feel like there might be a chance.He will just have to try harder to win you. And the key element here is that HE HAS TO WIN YOU!

Have you ever been around boys when you were younger and one (or all) of them did something dangerous like jumping from a very tall height or some other feat of dangerous (and stupid) bravado? You can guarantee that he did that to impress you or one of the girls with you. Whether he made it through unscathed or ended up in the hospital, without a doubt, this changed your mind about him in one way or another. It also put him in your thoughts…

Instinctively, guys know that they have to impress you to even have a chance with you. If this wasn’t the case, there would be no one buying Ferraris…

When we’re young, there is no money to throw around to impress you, so he has to do it by showing his bravery. What lead up to that crazy acrobatic display was a giant question mark in his mind whether you liked him or not. When you ignore him, you attract a guy in ways that he doesn’t really understand, so he does stupid things to get your attention. It’s a very simple equation.

Give him hope

The key to ignoring him, however, is to ensure that he always feels he has a chance followed by disregarding him completely. This could be as simple as staring deeply into his eyes with a sexy smile while slowly leaning into him and then saying, “bye.” Turn around and walk away.

His mind will be reeling wondering what the hell just happened.

If you want to really attract a guy, keep him in a state of confusion. This works no matter what you look like or who you are. If you are the one girl he just can’t figure out, he will do whatever it takes to learn your secrets.

Of course, once you have him, then you shouldn’t need to toy with him any more, but never lose sight of the next step!

Attract a guy with mystery

Normally when women are trying to attract a guy, they will go out of their way to be around him. They’ll blab non-stop about themselves and give away every bit of information they have just to get him to “know you.”

Nothing could be worse.

You want him to NEED to get to know you at any cost. He really can’t know anything about you until you have him safely in your arms. How do you do this? By never answering any questions or, even better, by answering them vaguely.You can even answer questions by asking questions of your own, but it’s very important you are asking really great questions!

There is a book called Questions for Couples that teaches you the right kind of questions to “guide” his mind into thinking about you in “that way.” Don’t ever bother with the typical, “What do you do for work, where did you grow up, what do you drive” type questions because he already has answers for those and they’re very easy questions. What works better is the ones that really make him have to think.

When he has to think, and you follow those questions up by asking how he feels about whatever his answer was, then he has to feel! When you draw out feelings in the guy you want to attract, he will associate those feelings with you (so stay away from sad topics).

Keep the questions coming and provide very little about yourself. Only give him answers that lead to other questions about him. He will walk away from every encounter with you feeling oddly happy and realizing he still knows nothing about you!

Don’t forget this is a seduction

If you are really serious about wanting to know how to attract a guy, then always have the mindset that this is a seduction. This puts all of the power securely in your hands. You can control this situation and “guide” him towards any feeling you want him to.

When things get weird or too intense, you can always fall back on the ignore him plan. When you suddenly leave just when all the emotions are at their peak, you will have him falling even deeper for you.

Always keep this thought in your mind when you are around they guy you want: He wants you WAYYY more than you want him. It makes these interactions that much more fun. Remember this simple equation…

Ignore him + ask questions + remain a mystery = attract a guy!

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