Weird Guy Freak Out Thing

Weird Guy Freak Out Thing

by Anonymous

dating and relationshipsI met my boyfriend in our second year of university. A few months into our relationship he moved across the country to work for the summer. Once he came back things were even stronger than ever because we had missed each other so much.

We had such a strong bond throughout our whole relationship and I really feel that he is perfect for me.

A little over a month ago he decided to break up with me stating that he wasn’t feeling it anymore, that he felt bad for not putting in the effort he should have for the last couple of months, and that he is 22 and just wants to be 22. We had been together for a little over 2 years at this point.

A couple days after I managed to get him to meet up with me to plead my case and he took a week to think about things. He decided that he didn’t want to try because if he did it would be out of guilt and he would end up resenting me which he didn’t want.

After I got my stuff, we didn’t speak for 4 weeks until I sent him a casual message to see how he had been doing. He responded that night with a pleasant message that was more than just “good” or whatever. I sent him another the next day but did not leave much room for conversation from it and he did not respond.

I have heard from 3 different people that since the break up (as recently as a few days ago) he has been weirdly quiet, not acting like himself, and sad looking. I thought maybe people were telling me this because it was what I wanted to hear but the one person didn’t actually tell me, they told a friend and did not want her to tell me about it.

I am hoping that this is just a weird guy freak out kind of thing because we are about to graduate from university and need to make big life decisions and what not. I want it to just be a phase and that he will realize he misses me and wants to be with me…


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