Time to Think Things Through

Time to Think Things Through

dating and relationshipsby Tammy Farley
(Chapmanville, wv)

I have been in this relationship for almost 5 years. Lately, I have been getting this feeling that something is not right.

A few weeks ago he stayed out all night, tried to lie about it, but finally confessed that he went to a bar with his sister. I told him that he couldn’t do that anymore and if he did, it would be the end of our relationship.

The following week on a Saturday he called me that night and said that he was going to a friends house to drink. I told him not to be driving and to stay there. On Sunday, I called his sister and she said that she had not seen him. Five minutes later he calls and says that he was at a bar.

I got mad and flew off the handle and packed all his clothes. He came and got them and is currently staying with his sister. He has called and tried to talk to me and I have ignored them. Then I heard his brother died and he was at the funeral with another girl.

I have been think about letting him come back home so the other day I sent word to him and he called. We talked on the phone and he came home that night. Yesterday he calls me from his sister’s and says that he needs time to think things through.

I am devastated about this because I really love this man, so what advice can you give me?


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