Just Friends?

Just Friends?

dating and relationshipsby Maya

A while ago I was interested in this one guy but things didn’t work out because he had just gotten out of a relationship.

We still kept in touch and now its about 6 months later he still once in a while makes some moves, but he’s never asked me out. Whenever I do see him, he tells me how much he likes me and how he misses talking to me, and he’ll contact me about once a week.

I’m a bit confused does he just wanna be friends? am I just reading too much into this? what do I do?


Our Love Advice to You

Pay Attention!!!
by: Samantha

Guys are not the masters of subtlety! This guy likes you but he’s probably too embarrassed by the way things went down last time.

He is not going to make a move…

So you are in charge here. Start with reminiscing over something that you shared the last time you were together. Pick the purest, happiest moment from that time and enjoy it with him.

When he’s feeling good and happy, as him, “Have you ever thought about us again?”

This is a very vague question that can be interpreted in a million different ways, but he will only interpret it one way. If he give you a positive response, then go with it. If it’s negative, you can still save by saying, “No, I meant what was your favorite memory from back then?”

You don’t have to stick your neck out too far and you can see exactly how he’s thinking.

You can get him back if you want him!


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