juggling feelings, HELP!

juggling feelings, HELP!

dating and relationshipsby Jeannie Elizabeth Willard
(Brantford, Ontario, Canada)

Well, I’m going to my semi formal with an ex and I’m pretty sure I still love him and he’s gonna ask me out.

I was intending on saying yes but then I have another ex of mine who I’ve loved all my life. I haven’t seen him for like 3 or 4 years. Basically, he came out and told me that after high school he’d come down here from thunder bay and pretty well “sweep me off my feet.” He wants to take me up to live with him. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to make the wrong choice because I won’t be able to redo it.

Please help


Our Dating Advice to You

Nothing is permanent
by: Samantha

I know it feels like you have to make a choice right now, but it really doesn’t matter because you are young.

I know that’s a lousy thing to hear because all of this is so intense right now. You need to make it clear to both guys that you are simply dating right now and your graduation is coming up and you need to focus on your future.

Think about this: is moving away with your other ex boyfriend a good career move for you? Will you be able to get a job easily or will you end up stuck in a place you don’t know very well with only this guy to be your life raft?

You might be doing all of this stuff for love, but you have to think about what it will mean to you once you’re settled in and have essentially nothing.

Most importantly in all of this, why are these guys ex boyfriends to begin with? The problems you had with them before have not gone away.

Before you feel the need to commit to either dude, examine why these relationships failed to begin with.


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