I Hate Him

I Hate Him

i hate himby AngryAlice

I can’t believe this just happened. I was going through the laundry and I found condoms. The last time we used condoms together was six years ago! I went to your page on how to tell if my man is cheating and it’s right there! Condoms!

You also say to check his underwear for stains and bingo! We always have sex right before bed so there is no reason there should be any stains in his underwear.

Oh my God. I’m freaking out. That bastard said he loved me. He said it this morning on his way to work. I know things have become boring for the both of us, but I can’t believe he wouldn’t just talk to me first and instead go find some whore to sleep with.

I’m so happy I found your site although I think I’d rather not know. But dammit! THIS IS MY LIFE! I’m so angry and depressed. I don’t know what to do. Do I keep him? I don’t think I could even sleep next to him after this. OMG…


Our Relationship Advice to You

It’s time to make some decisions
by: Roberto

Things are crazy right now because this pain is all brand new. This is where things always go wrong. You might rush directly to the confrontation without truly figuring out what you want out of this relationship.

Do you want out or do you think things can be saved? If so, will he do this again? Will you be able to forgive him?

Now is the time to ask some serious questions to yourself and figure out where you stand in all of this. What went wrong in the relationship? You mentioned things getting a little boring. Maybe they got A LOT boring and he ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it was just a one-time act of recklessness. Maybe it’s been going on for awhile.

Either way, you need to consider how you would feel about every kind of scenario before you decide how things should play out.

Is it possible to go stay at a friend’s house for a couple nights or your parents? Take yourself out of the situation and take a little time to discover your feelings. You don’t have to tell him anything but that you’ll be back in a couple days. In fact, it’s probably better if you leave it ambiguous and let him sweat it out for a little while. Allow him some time to think about what he’s done.

What you really need right now is to start asking yourself what all this means to you. Six years is a pretty big commitment. Are you willing to work on it or walk away? You really need to look deep inside yourself and see where you stand in all of this. Get the book: Should You Stay or Should You Go right away to help you start asking the right questions to find out what you should do. Do this BEFORE you start screaming at him. This book is awesome because it helps you “rate” how good your relationship is before you decide to stay in a bad relationship AND it’s an ebook, so you can download it right now and find some direction immediately.

Make no mistake, there are some tough times ahead, but wouldn’t you rather look back at this moment and be happy that you made all the right moves from the very beginning? It’s so much better than being completely helpless…

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