I Deserve Someone Better

I Deserve Someone Better

by Anonymous

dating and relationshipsWe met in college our first year and we thought we were college sweethearts. We made each other promises and said that we will marry and live a happily ever after.

But as time went on, I became insecure because he was really flirty with the girls. I confronted him of this and he made me feel I was just paranoid.

Then came the day when he was caught with a female friend stripping in front of him. He told me 2 weeks after it happened and I could not break up with him because I felt so attached to him. I had sex with him, so I felt that I had to marry him.

We kept going in our relationship, but I was still insecure and unhappy because of the insecurity. And the truth is that I saw it in his eyes as well. We kept fooling ourselves for so long and just making each other more miserable.

Then came this last summer I went to Peru for a mission trip and God has showed me the courage that I have been redeemed and that I don’t need to marry this guy. But I still did not have the strength to break up with him.

I guess he also found the strength because we broke up at the end of my trip. Last semester was hard because we have the same group of friends at the dinner table and he is pursuing this one girl. Last semester I was pretty bitter over the break up, but honestly right now it just hurts.

He was the one that said God wanted him to be single for a long time. And he is pursuing this girl like no other. It makes me feel small and that I am not good enough. I don’t like the hurt at all. I just wish it went away.

He graduates this semester so I won’t see him ever again, but its hard right now because you loved someone for almost years and they already moved on.


Our Dating Advice to You

Let go
by: Cat

Some men move on physically but not emotionally. You take what you can from each experience in life and learn from it and then move on. It is good that you can acknowledge your feelings, it will help you to let go of the attachment to a very immature young man.


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