He’s Dreaming of Me?

He’s Dreaming of Me?

by Daphnia

dreaming of meI have a question that might seem a little childish, but dating isn’t part of my culture so I’m not used to it =)

What does a guy mean by calling me princess and saying that he dreamt about me last night? Then he suggested to go and have some ice cream since it’s getting warm here. it may be nothing, the princess thing could just be him teasing me, because I said that my bed is too hard but it’s totally ok for him, he said I’m just used to soft beds. and the ice thing, we agreed on having ice cream since last summer, but never got to it. in Germany, if it’s summer, eating ice cream is just like going to a cafe and talk. totally normal.

But what’s with the dream thing? I don’t really know the guy, we used to work at the same place and lived in the same building but after I quit the job I saw him only twice a year or so. about a month ago, I met him at the door and we talked, I mentioned that I was about to move out of the building. when he asked why I wanted to move out, I said it’s cheaper and closer to the university where I’m studying. and the building has just been sanitized, so it’s clean and looks new. then I said he could come by and see it after I move in, and he did. he liked the place and is now considering to move out as well.

When he came to my place, we wanted to go out for coffee but the weather was terrible so we just stayed in and had home-made coffee. He found me full of surprises when he found out I play guitar and violin, and that I drink alcohol (apparently he must’ve thought I’m a very conservative girl or something, idk) anyway it was a friendly visit, ad we still agreed to go for ice cream when summer hits.

And then came the message. But I’m a little baffled especially with the dream thing, since we’re not close at all, we don’t spend that much time together and from my own experience, I dream about someone if I think about that person a lot.

idk how I should react to this, since I’m not used to dating and since the time I’ve moved to germany the guys I’ve met always gave obvious signals. like I said, it could be nothing, but I just want to be sure. because I’m not attracted to him at all, and if it is something, I don’t want to make him think I’m into him. so any thoughts? (sorry again if it seems childish and too teen-like ;P)


Our Dating Advice to You

Looking for a way in
by: Roberto

So you don’t like this guy?

He really likes you…

When someone says they are dreaming about you (whether it’s a story or not), they are trying to let you know that they are thinking about you. By blaming it on “dreams,” he’s letting you know he can’t control himself when thinking about you.

If you actually liked this guy, then SCORE! All you would have to do is encourage him to ask you out.

Unfortunately, you don’t like him so it’s time to get him to not think about you “that way.” The easiest is to mention your boyfriend (even if you don’t have one). If he’s a gentleman, he’ll back off. If he’s a pig, he’ll disappear. If he’s really in love with you, he’ll still “dream” about you.

Good luck!


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