He Grosses Me Out

He Grosses Me Out

dating and relationshipsby Tina
(Menifee, CA, USA)

I wish that I could just break up with someone that I am financially dependent on. I do not feel sexually attracted to him anymore and he bores me, especially since he is so emotionally detached from me and my life.

I don’t like him any more, as things took a radical nose-dive when I found out he had been involved with another woman for a 3 year duration while we were on & off again for seven years. I see him maybe once a week because he chooses to live at his sister’s house where he is much closer to work. I am relieved that I don’t have to see him more often because he pays more attention to the dog than he does to me.

He grosses me out.

I am going to school full time so that I can get a good job at some point and not need to rely on him anymore. I know that I am where I need to be, but I surely look forward to where I am going!

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