I Look Through His Phone

I Look Through His Phone

by Sarah
(Gilbert, az)

dating and relationshipsI have been with my boyfriend for almost three years. About a year ago, I had a strange feeling he was doing something wrong so I checked his phone. I was right, he had been texting some girl from his work for several months and it even went as far as naked pics! I am not sure if he ever had sex with her, I will never know.

He denies it to this day! When I confronted him about it he felt terrible and was very ashamed of himself. We split for a week but he begged me back. It has been a year now and to this day I look through his phone still :o(

I hate feeling this way, it consumes me! I love him and want to believe that he is faithful to our relationship but what he did a year ago has destroyed my trust! How do I move past this?

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