Cheated On: Do I tell his New Girlfriend?

Cheated On: Do I tell his New Girlfriend?

by Aria
(LA, CA)

dating and relationshipsI was in what I thought was the perfect relationship for 2 years. But I had this nagging feeling something wasn’t right.

It all started when my ex would go online and then delete his history. If you have nothing to hide why delete?

Since we met on an online dating site I decided to try there…maybe he was bored and looking for a way out? Nope no profile on his part. The reason I can say this for sure is that he is extremely tall and there is maybe 50 other people in our area that match his description.

So I let it go and thought it was just an insecurity on my part. Then he had given me his password to his email to print off his resume. Nothing suspicious there..until I checked his sent box. He somehow had forgot to delete the messages there.

To my utter shock and devastation. He was cheating, but with a man. That is why I couldn’t find his profile on the dating site. I was looking in the wrong section. Well as the story goes I went to him with proof of his infidelity… and he claimed to be bored and needed space. We stayed friends so I could investigate further.

I had thought it was me that caused all of it with my snooping etc. As time went on I learned that he was bi-sexual all along. And he finds unsuspecting woman to date to cover his closet bisexuality. If we never lived together I would never have found out.

So now he is another relationship where he looks like the greatest boyfriend. Yet he still goes online looking for intimate encounters with men. I know this only because I know where to look.

Do I tell his new girlfriend? I do not want him back..nor do I want to be his friend. I am going to have an HIV test soon..because you never know.

His new girlfriend has a son from a previous relationship..and is very unsuspecting. Do I leave well alone or does she need to know?

I don’t want to look like the crazy ex girlfriend. And he would know for sure it was me that contacted her because no one else knows about his bisexuality…

But he is cheating and lying???? I am torn???


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